Showreel 2017-2023


My ongoing research of the Bialowieza Forest in Poland explores digital modes of representation of nature - and its potential to communicate environmental change. 

In 2016-2017 Puszcza Białowieska in Eastern Poland (deemed Europe's most 'ancient forest') underwent a major process of ruination caused by the activity of the Bark Beetle. The ruination, although undesired, is a self-regulatory process that results from dry conditions tied to climate change. The aftermath of this ruination exposed ruptures in Polish politics and motivations of various agents - from activists to politicians. 

Using Bialowieza Forest as a key reference, I am creating an  interactive framework which plays with the idea of a forest as a sensor of wider socio-political issues. While raising awareness of the concrete issues of this particular forest, the project also questions the ways of digitising nature.




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