Showreel 2017-2023


Single channel video 4:48

Inspired by ‘Hypnerotomachia Poliphili’ -  ‘Poliphylo's Strife of Love in a Dream’ - a story and a work of early printing from 1499, in which the main protagonist Poliphylo pursues his love Polia through a dreamlike landscape.

In ‘Paul E. Phylo’s Palace’, the building is designed in a cinematic way and narrates the story of love and desire between the building and the visitor. The protagonist progresses through particular chambers that reflect the stages of courtship, escalation of desire and seductive qualities of the building. The atmosphere of the spaces is dependent on the light qualities and the intensity of heat travelling through the Palace.

Several elements of the building - fragments of door handles, handrails, walls, furniture and locks with jewellery-keys - were fabricated to investigate their sensual qualities and the relationship between the building and the users’ body. These fragments were cnc-ed, sculpted in wood and printed on textiles.




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